Lost Nation Brewing Company

87B Old Creamery Road, Morrisville, VT 05661

(802) 851-8041

Brewery & Pub; Retail Sales

Established May 2013

Petit Classification 

Lost Nation rapidly emerged as a leader in brewing sessionable beers, most notably a top rated Gose. Founders Allen Van Anda and Jamie Griffith represent the energy and ingenuity of the best of Vermont brewing.

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Lost Nation has launched a program it calls “Bottle Share,” in which members have the opportunity to pre-purchase 750 ml bottles unusual/limited releases. Bottles are held for three months for the member or their designee to retrieve.


When Allen Van Anda and Jamie Griffith were looking for a location to launch Lost Nation, they found themselves on familiar ground at the original location of the Rock Art Brewery, where Van Anda worked for years. Morrisville also happened to be the location of Kross Brewing Co — now lost — where Van Anda also spent time. And it’s just a few minutes north of von Trapp Brewing, where the men originally met. With this past lineage, it’s no wonder that Lost Nation demonstrated quality worthy of classification despite its relative newcomer status.

The real key to the duo’s success is that they are the nose-to-the-grindstone types, constantly thinking, perfecting, but above all working.

Perhaps an equally important factor in their rapid success was a firm plan to avoid going head to head with the big, boozy, hazy IPAs and DIPAs Vermont is known for. Instead Lost Nation deliberately set out to brew sessionable beers. Oddly enough they created a winning concoction with a Gose, arguably their flagship offering.

That doesn’t mean they don’t do a top-notch IPA, in fact their Mosaic is one of the few to feature that namesake variety of hops in a reasonable, sessionable manner.

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