White Birch Brewing

1339 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, NH 03106

(603) 206-5260

Tastings, Retail Sales

Established 2009

Petit Classification

Owners Bill and Ellen Herlicka quickly established White Birch as a higher quality New Hampshire brewery.   Although smaller than most classified breweries, their quality and regional influence is far greater than their capacity would lead you to believe.



White Birch tends to offer two year-round products, two seasonals/season, and a brewer’s choice or two; usually six beers available at any given time.  In addition to the regular offerings, they did have an unusual apprentice program in which interested people produced a beer of their choosing, which was then sold through the brewery.  (Edit 9/1/16: The program was slated to be discontinued at the end of 2014; status unknown)

Anyway, you can find cans of this stuff around New England, sometimes into the New York metro market, where very few people realize how good it is.  A real highlight is the Berliner Weisse, and believe it or not, their fruit versions of the Weisse are incredible.

7 barrel capacity.  Look for more innovative approaches to the craft from this small but mighty brewery.


Above, co-owner and brewmaster Bill Herlicka



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