Smuttynose Brewing Company

105 Towle Farm Road, Hampton, NH 03842

(603) 436-4026

Tours, Tastings, Restaurant

Established 1994

Smuttynose demonstrates significant quality, innovation and dedication to the craft.  Overall quality, availability and inventiveness puts Smuttynose among the leading regional breweries in New England.



Smutty’s commercially available six- and twelve-packs are usually an outstanding value.  Beers tend to be full flavor, ABVs tend to be high.  A recently added session beer called Bouncyhouse is a mouth-puckering experience with off-the-charts IBUs that can take some getting used to.  In most respects Smuttynose stuff is best served to the knowledgeable — or at least experienced — beer enthusiast.  A newbie is going to have a hard time going directly to anything Smutty from something like Corona.  It’s well done, smack the taste buds kind of stuff.  Heavy?  If so, not in a negative way.

Smuttlabs is the experimental arm of Smutty; this is where they develop a number of small batch beers too numerous to list.  Past highlights include a Grisette, Gose, Schmutzig, a Bavarian IPA, and Granite State Destroyer — an Imperial Corn Lager.

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