Great Rhythm Brewing Company

105 Bartlett St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

(603) 430-9640

Established 2012

Great Rhythm focuses on pale ales, IPAs and red ales with excellent results to date.  Quality put this brewery on the map virtually overnight.



Great Rhythm is a relative newcomer to the beer biz that seems to have miraculously exploded onto the scene.  Occupying the original Smuttynose location, with a 38 bbl capacity seemingly from the start, it resembled a well-executed business plan more  than a brewery.   But don’t let that fool you; owners Scott and Kristen Thornton are serious about beer, and serious about doing it right.  August of 2016 they finally finished and opened a beautiful tasting facility in Portsmouth, revitalizing an old fish processing plant in the process.  Well done, and well worth a visit.

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