Stoneface Brewing Company

436 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH 03801

(603) 965-3708

Tastings, Retail Sales

Established 2013

Petit Classification

Stoneface entered the market with a shot across the bow of the established brew scene by immediately releasing some of the best quality beer in New Hampshire. Considering their significant influence and innovation demonstrated in such a short period of time, Stoneface is classified Petit with full recommendation.




Stoneface’s rocket-like rise to the top level of the New England beer scene was so extraordinary that many pundits erroneously credited hype and a publicity machine. The reality is that brewer Peter Beauregard struck gold with a series of IPA and DIPA offerings, as well as a Russian Imperial Stout. Demand led to increased capacity, and things began to steamroll.

Hopulization DIPA is emerging as one of those “must-have” beers, despite the rather steep bottle price.

Stoneface also has a line of blonde ales, summer seasonals, and a “sandbox” series. They also collaborated on a limited release with the Smuttlabs arm of Smuttynose.

Clearly Stoneface has managed to score big in an extraordinarily short amount of time.  This has given rise to speculation that the “silent partners” in Stoneface may indeed be something more than that.  Regardless, they’re making some great beer.

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