Sebago Brewing Company, Inc.


48 Sanford Drive, Gorham, ME 04038

(207) 333-6769

Tours, Tastings, Retail Sales. Additional locations in Kennebunk, Portland, Scarborough and Gorham village are captive restaurants that serve product brewed at the Sanford Drive, Gorham ME location.

Established 1998 as brewpub chain; brewery established 2004 with production beginning 2005

Sebago provides easily obtainable, excellent beer at a reasonable price.



Began as a brewpub to celebrate the beer lifestyle.   A noble venture; brewpubs are the heart of the craft beer revolution.  In time Sebago had to take the brew out of the pub, and built a brewery proper, leaving the brewpubs as branded restaurants.  Although the beer is brewed within a few miles of each location, quality is excellent, and the product is fresh, the restaurant experience is more Appleby’s than brewpub.  As a result, Sebago takes a bit of a rap for their brewless brewpubs.

Sebago’s beer may not be as exotic as the top classified breweries, but then again it isn’t nearly as expensive nor hard to obtain.  Of the workaday IPAs available at the local supermarket, Frye’s Leap consistently represents the best bang for the buck.  When it was introduced, Frye’s Leap was considered over-the-top hoppy!  My how things have changed.  Still a good reliable beer.

Also noteworthy is Simmer Down; a summer seasonal session ale; ABV 4.9 / IBU 61.8 that just might be their best offering.

Saddleback Ale, celebrating the troubled ski resort in Western Maine, is an excellent introduction for newcomers to craft beer.  A nice, mild middle-of-the-road ale.  Come to think of it, it’s good for anybody who likes beer.


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