Funky Bow Brewery & Beer Company

Ledgewood Ln, Lyman, ME 04002

(207) 409-6814

Brewery, Retail Sales, Tasting, Pizza, Organic Farm

Established March 2013

Petit Classification

Funky Bow is a young brewery that celebrates the creative and agricultural lifestyle of rural Maine.  While quality is excellent and worthy of classification, the growler night experience is among the best brewery visits in New England.




Funky Bow was simply a Southern Maine organic farm until father & son team Paul and Abraham Lorrain decided to turn the latter’s beer making kit into something more than a hobby. The beer was distributed locally in kegs, with growler sales at the Saco Farmers Market. Product sold out quickly in this limited milieu, so the duo decided to increase capacity by a factor of ten.

Friday nights became growler night at the farm. To this they added free pizza, with crust made from spent grains. If you show up for growler night you’re more likely to think you stumbled on some kind of weird Maine family reunion, where dusty pick up trucks and Subarus line the driveway, a fire blazes in a pit while bluegrass plays over a chorus of dogs running around. This is the place.

If you can’t make it, a contract canner rolls through every now and then, so the beer is available locally during the week.

Incidentally, the “f-hole” is part of a fiddle.

Notable Offerings:

G String — Pale Ale; ABV 5.5.  Pales seem to be something of a lost art these days, but not at Funky Bow.  Bright, refreshing, just the right amount of hops.  Probably their best offering day in and day out.

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