D. L. Geary Brewing Company, Inc.


38 Evergreen Drive Portland, ME 04103

(207) 878-2337

Tours, Tastings, Retail Sales

Established 1983

Geary’s produces some outstanding, high quality products that are above average.  Their celebration of the Maine lifestyle and thorough regional distribution have made Geary’s the definitive beer of summer Down East.


Geary’s Pale Ale was their first product, remains their flagship.  The Hampshire Ale is also excellent.   With a background solidly in the Brit style of brewing, don’t turn to Geary’s if you’re looking for a hop bomb IPA.  Beers tend to be malt-forward, and if anything a bit understated. Solid, reliable, and good.

When you’re standing in front of the cooler at Shaw’s and you can’t decide which beer to buy from the dazzling diversity of offerings, just relax.  You’re in Maine.  Grab the Geary’s and go enjoy it.


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