What’s so great about Northeast Beer?

From the Allagash to the Finger Lakes, BeerTheEast.com celebrates the innovation and esprit de corps of the northeast brewing and enthusiast community.   Since the earliest days of colonial craft, northeast brewers have had to do more with less, often with ingredients unrecognizable to their European brethren.  That innovation continues today at all levels of the eastern brewing scene, from homebrewers who choose to push the envelope, right up to macrobrewers who dare to revolutionize the industry.

At the heart of it all is the east’s army of beer enthusiasts.  Whether it’s lawnmower beer or the rarest Vermont release, easterners are passionate about their favorites.  Avid and informed, yet the expert will not discriminate against less discriminating palates.  They understand balanced beer, they appreciate quality, and they’ll be the first ones to raise a toast when a less informed friend taps a keg of Natty Light.  The real eastern beer drinker would rather help rinse a rising tide of tasting glasses than sit around whining about slow service.

So bring on the corn, bring on the long lines, bring on the impossible finds.  We’ll take whatever comes, we’ll make some of the best beer on the planet, learn from our mistakes, and we’ll enjoy every ounce of it.



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