Meet the Team

Rick Bolger — Homebrewer who recalls when Genny Cream was as close as we got to craft beer. “I tried Anchor Steam in the early 80s and the scales fell from my eyes.”
Favorite Brewery: Foley Brothers, Brandon VT; Kingdom Brewing, Vermont Boonies; Tuckerman’s, Conway NH.
Favorite Beer: Southern Hemisphere, Paradox, Schroon Lake NY; Party Wave, Kane, Ocean NJ; Rickey Weisse, Night Shift, Everitt, MA; Arthur, Hill Farmstead, Vermont Boonies.
One Too Many: Puts ice cubes in his mouth, blows on stuff and pretends he’s a refrigerator.

Jeff Maul — Collector extraordinaire who buys and stores so much high quality beer he may need an intervention. Has a knack for obtaining the unobtainable.
Favorite Brewery: Kane, Ocean NJ; Carton, Atlantic Highlands NJ; Hill Farmstead, Greensboro Bend VT.
Favorite Beer: Sunday Brunch, Kane, Ocean NJ; Heady Topper, The Alchemist, Stowe VT; Sip of Sunshine, Lawson’s Finest Liquids; Civil Disobedience, Hill Farmstead.
One Too Many: If you draw a line to a pile of cans, he will wait on it.