If you need this, you need to attend a meeting

This photo crossed my desk today.

Now I like beer as much as the next guy (my lovely wife would say  way too much), but this thing is wrong on many levels.

First off, if you think this is a must-have for your next hiking trip, you are either nuts or an alcoholic.  Anybody who wants to hump this contraption into the wilderness is one or the other.

Secondly, if you think this is gear-head cool, you’re dead wrong.  If you have any women with you on said hiking trip and you begin operating this little bit of technology, you will never have sex with any of them.  Oh they’ll drink your beer alright, but they aren’t going to sleep with the geek who would actually use this thing.  Ever.

Third, I don’t like the name ManCan.  A man goes to the can, he doesn’t carry it.

’nuff said.