Endless Brewing is Worth the Endless Travel

Tucked into the northeast corner of Pennsylvania is the Endless Mountains region, home to an odd mix of small town America, dirt tracks, permanent yard sales, blue stone quarries, dairy farms, and nowadays, a whole lot of fracking.

Smack in the middle of this semi-emptiness is a small mom’n’pop brewery aptly named Endless Brewing.  The beer is good, in fact, darn good.  The drive to find it?  Not so much.

To add insult to injury it seems that one of the major thoroughfares between Montrose and Salt Springs — those are actual places — is closed due to a sinkhole, or landslide, flooding, something like that, so it can be rather tough to get to.  We were told it has nothing to do with fracking, but whatever it is, the Commonwealth seems to be in no rush to fix it.  Thus my second journey to Endless Brewing took twice as long as my first, although in all honesty I’m not sure about that because the roads and rolling hills all look the same anyway.

Whatever it takes, it’s worth the effort.  Recent offerings included a pair of RedXperiment ambers, a single batch split and pitched half with Belgian yeast and half with British style yeast, resulting in two widely different but wonderful brews.  At any given time you’ll find a wheat gose, chocolate porter, various saisons.  They also offer a handful of regulars for the less adventurous; Grasshopper Pale Ale is a fabulous favorite.

And despite the roadway snafus, Endless Brewing is growing quietly, adding capacity, oak casks, and the usual stuff. At last visit we were told that a canning line was planned.

Good stuff, well worth a visit, PennDOT be damned!

Link to Endless Brewing website